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EDIT: Hi! Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm on maternity leave. I will be back next year! :) Best Regards, Mary Hi! My name is Mary. I'm offering friendly house cleaning. I to wipe off the dust on every surfaces wet and dry; from right to the left, up and down :) vacooming then floor cleaning. Focusing on kitchen and bathroom. I'm using your product so please prepare universal liquid like Ajax, floor soap, vc gel, Kalk product, cloth, bucket, mop, vacuum cleaner. I'm happy to clean using eco products, e.g. eddikesyre for Kalk, adding essential oils. Everything with the product and technique you like the best. You can enjoy free time when your house will get so fresh and so clean! I love dogs and I'm trained about they behaviours, so I also can take care of washing, brushing or grooming. For task in your garden I highly reccomend the best gardener You are welcome to contact me here on my inbox or email Best regards Mary

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working in housekeeping

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8-17 or anytime you need

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  • Lars Eskebæk

    Mary hjælper med at gøre rent hos os og vi er utrolige glade for hende. Hun kommer til aftalt tid og er meget grundig i sin rengøring.

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