Maria Sol Falabella Bianco

8000 Aarhus C

Mine kvalifikationer

I'm from Argentina and I'm 23 years old. I came to the country in search of work. I have a VISA called "work and holidays" which allows me to work in Denmark until January 2020. For 5 years I studied a university career in my country. I graduated in business administration in UNICEN, Argentina.Thanks to my studies I acquired tools that could be applied to any type of work or task. I spread myself in the study of human resources in companies. While I'm studying, I work to maintain my career. In that time I learned about responsibility and commitment to do a serious job. My jobs were varying because they were mostly part-time. This method allowed me not to neglect my studies and receive me on time. After receiving me, I chose Denmark. I have read a lot about the country and I have come to find out about culture. I am excited to know the Danish customs and way of life of this exceptional country. It is important for me to find a job that allows me to make a good time of my stay.

Mine erfaringer

I have experience in cleaning homes and gardens. I have profiles on different cleaning pages through which you can have contact and knowledge of my regular clients.

Mine foretrukne arbejdstider

I am available to do the work in the schedule that is necessary

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