Zsófia Egyed

9000 Aalborg

Mine kvalifikationer

Hi! My name is Zsófia Egyed, I am from Budapest, Hungary and I live in Aalborg, study at UCN. I have finished an upper secondary education in arts, back in Budapest, then I have finished a pastry chef school, therefore I can provide creative abilities that require two-handed jobs. I am tidy, clean and open-minded. I am also a handcraft and nature lover and I am demanding on my environment.

Mine erfaringer

I have 7 years experience in cleaning and ironing at private homes, 2 years experience in hospitality, shop manager and seller in Fragola ice cream shop, Budapest. I have also worked in a preparation kitchen in Norresundby at Dan Gastro ApS, for Karma sushi, preparing raw materials, packing finished products and also cleaning the kitchen.

Mine foretrukne arbejdstider

I prefer working weekdays after I finish at the university the latest at 15:30 or earlier or in the evening and also on weekends, anytime. 10-12 hours or more per week would be perfect.

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