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Andras Beregi

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In the order I received the latest one: Building inspector, Architect Teacher of English Literature and Linguistics Mechanical Engineering Technician

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LETTER OF INTRODUCTION My name is András Beregi, I was born on 19 October 1972 and live in Komádi, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary. I am married to Tunde Dr. Szucs-Beregi and together we have twin children, Noemi (girl) & Donat (boy). My passion for architecture comes from a long way. Having been on a side track for a few years, mainly thanks to the economic crises, I decided to return to what I liked and enjoyed the most. After finishing my elementary studies I took and passed the entrance examination for András Mechwart, Secondary Technical School in Debrecen, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineering Technician after 5 years. Following my final examination, I continued my studies at Károly Eszterházy, Teacher Training College, Eger, where in 1996, I became a qualified teacher. During my teacher training college years I dealt with organisational problems as well as translations and the completion of application forms, mainly for university scholarships in the USA. In 1994, I received a request from one of my classmates to complete an application form for a scholarship, as part of the Global Horizon Programme in the USA. At this point my English teacher encouraged me to write one for myself. Both applications were successful and I had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks at the famous Shepherd University in the historic Shepherdstown, West Virginia. In 1997 I returned to the USA, working for Wood Builders Inc. a Connecticut company in Wilton, CT, who specialise in designing, building, marketing and sales of their houses. At first I was employed as a building services technician. Then, in a relatively short time, I became team leader for, on average, a 10member team. At this point my job role expanded to include all aspects of construction. This enabled me to reach a professional level of skill and knowledge of the industry from the substructure through to the superstructure as well as the plumbing and electrical aspects. With the backing and sponsorship of this company, I also received my US Social Security Number (SSN) and worked for them until I moved back to Hungary in September 2001. During this time I also had two part time construction jobs, one during the evenings (at K & K Counter Designs) and one at weekends. Although this life style was very tiring (average 93 hours per week), I gained so much experience in all fields of construction, experience that was of great benefit when I returned to study as a constructing architect. With these two jobs I was mostly involved in remodelling/renovating. K & K Counter Designs mainly focused on kitchen and bathroom work. My role was to assess the work, negotiate with the customer, make the finished product and install it. The third company undertook smaller renovation jobs. Here I got the chance to work with marble, granite and many other materials as well as electrical, plumbing and heating installations. During my first year in the USA, I formed a study group in New York, Queens, where I taught English as a Second Language to Hungarian immigrants every Sunday afternoon. I taught them in groups of 10, made up mostly of adults over 40 years of age. Later, I participated in adult language training at Stamford Public School, finishing my studies as an Honouree. I also started taking flying lessons to get my Private Pilot’s Licence. During one of my return visits to Hungary, I successfully took an entrance examination to the University of Debrecen, Hungary, Faculty of Advanced Technology for Architecture. As long distance studying was not a feasible option, my wife and I decided to move back to Hungary. On arriving back in Hungary, I took an advanced state examination in English and began teaching English at an elementary school for one and half years. Following this I worked for the Mayor’s Office in Körösszakál as a Town Manager, supervising building constructions and tenders. In 2004 I successfully completed my studies at Debrecen and received my second degree as a Constructing Architect (Architectural Technologist & Construction Manager). Immediately after being awarded a Degree as a Constructing Architect, I gained a place at Szeged University’s English Teacher Programme and in 2007 qualified as a Teacher of English. Unfortunately, the Economic Crises hit Hungary hard in 2008 and almost all constructions stopped. My dream of starting my own Construction Company seemed to have vanished. I had no other option but to start teaching again. Although I could not start my own company, I did not give up my passion for construction. I kept on returning to the United States as often as I could to do restoration and renovation work for Studio FFA, Norwalk, CT. I worked several months a year on a house that had been built in 1863. Here my job was to restore everything to its original state except for the heating, plumbing and electrical installations, which were brought up to code. Then a six years ago I established my own company, which is licensed for construction. However, during the past few years I have focused mainly on co-operating with Danish universities; finding suitable candidates for the different programmes offered by them. Although it is a totally different field, working with Danes has taught me discipline, accuracy, the ability to maintain deadlines, co-operate and negotiate with principals and others. In my spare time I try to keep my knowledge up-to-date, whether it is in construction or business. It was for this reason I completed another course and I got my Building Inspector Licence. I must confess however, that the most important thing in my life is my family. In 2010 my family and I had the chance to travel to Denmark. We found Denmark fascinating. Since then the idea has been growing that this is the country and education system that would give me, and in my case my children, the chance to do what I like to do most and what I am the best at. I am open to new challenges and new fields and I feel, with my background and previous experience, I would make an ideal candidate for many construction tasks in or around your house. My short term plan is to find a local company here in Aalborg where I could work part-time and learn the skills needed here in Denmark to be the benefit of all. Should this letter of introduction/motivation prove of interest, I can assure you I will do everything in my power to live up to your expectations. I am happy to forward the names and addresses of both professional and social referees on request. Aalborg, 2019-09-23 Yours sincerely

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  • Tomas Mravik

    Godt arbejde! Jeg var meget tilfreds med, hvordan Andras håndterede hans opgaver

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