Ignacio Laugier, Storkøbenhavn

Ignacio Laugier

2800 Kongens Lyngby


Har budt på 7 opgaver
Seneste aktivitet den 15. nov.
Mine kvalifikationer

always with a smile, to help people with tasks that one cannot do! I am a creative person. I have a degree in agricultural sciences, for which I love everything that is field and animals and I like to do it. I am a person you can trust, and give me tasks of all kinds because everything has a solution

Mine erfaringer

I have experience in the field of house maintenance, apart from the fact that I am a chef, but I love that everything looks good and do things as quickly as possible

Mine foretrukne arbejdstider

I like to work a lot in the mornings, but I always have all day to do all the tasks

Jeg løser opgaver indenfor
Græsplæne og græsslåning

I like to cut the grass and make it nice


prune them to make them beautiful, and they will grow back strong


prune them to make them beautiful, and they will grow back strong

Andet havearbejde

cleaning in general


the best thing is that I help you move heavy things


I am an active person, who can do all kinds of maintenance

Reparation/klargøring af bil, båd, cykel

I am dedicated to the repair of bicycles


leave the glasses transparent


I love animals, and being able to share time when their owners are not at home

1 Anmeldelse af denne bruger

  • Vadim Fedulov

    Ignacio Is a great guy with fast and efficient communication, positive work ethic and good humour who I can highly recommend. I had a very difficult task to move a 350 kg outdoor spa from the front yard to the back. Most moving companies said it could not be done and suggested to get a crane. However Ignacio and his team was open to innovative ideas and together we easily and quickly moved and installed the spa in the back yard, while having fun at the same time. We will definitely use Ignacio in the future and highly recommended him and his team due to great work ethic, good communication and positive attitude.

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