Nils Grinfogels, Storkøbenhavn

Nils Grinfogels

1456 København K


Har budt på 38 opgaver
Seneste aktivitet den 6. jan.
Mine kvalifikationer

All around specialist! I have played Ice hockey for a long time in my 26 years of life span but also have done many odd jobs and gained experience thru each and can be help in many ways.

Mine erfaringer

Like I mentioned before I have been in a lot of uncomfortable situations so I have had my fair share of experiences.

Mine foretrukne arbejdstider

24/7 :)

Jeg løser opgaver indenfor

I have worked as cleaner for 8months for Company that rents short term stays at Apartments. I firmly believe that I became good at it and would like to use my skills to help beautiful people around the Copenhagen area!


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Ikke udfyldt...

Græsplæne og græsslåning

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I have helped raise my too little brothers and as well looked out for my cousins. Overall have a love for children as they give the positivity that a world needs more :)


I have played Ice Hockey for 20+ years so you can count one me that the boxes or heavier stuff will be picked up and placed where it should be hehe

Servering eller anden hjælp til fest

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  • Morten Dahl

    Nils er hårdtarbejdende og omgængelig. Sympatisk fyr som jeg kan anbefale til flytning

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