Driver license B category Bachelor degree - Preschool education I gained a lot of experience through my working journey. I have gained cleaning experience while working in the hotel through the summer season in Croatia. I was cleaning the hotel rooms on very busy days. Also, I have gained experience as a kitchen assistant in a two different restaurant and UCN canteen. As a very organized person, I think I am qualified enough for positions that you offering. Working with people and organizing things is definitely one of my favorite experiences in working places, and I could see myself doing similar jobs again. I have a college degree in preschool education. I gained a lot of knowledge through my education and working journey. I worked as a substitute kindergarten teacher for 6 months where I was taking care of a group of children at the age of 0 - 3 and had everyday contact with two children with autism as well. I gained much more experience through three years of college practice and internship in a kindergarten with different age groups of children. Except for fluent English, I speak Italian, Spanish and Croatian, but I am also in process of learning Danish. I know that my lack of Danish language skills could be a problem but if you give me an opportunity, you will not regret it. I'm a fast learner and highly motivated to learn even more. If you have any job position that requires my skills, you would see how loyal, good team worker, and a valuable person I am.