Bathroom Renovation


We would like to renovate a bathroom at the summer house. Currently the bathroom has a wall with a sink and a shower. On the other side of the wall is a room with washer and dryer. We would like to break the wall, move the sink and shower to combine both rooms into one bigger bathroom. We can agree and purchase the necessary materials such as a larger water heater, shower glass zone, tiles, new sink, and toilet. We need someone who can take on the project including installation. Please contact me with your proposed quote for a quality bathroom renovation and if you would like to discuss further. Best Regards, Vadim


Would be good to get started December 2020 ASAP


3210 Vejby


Vadim Fedulov, Nordsjælland, VVS

Oprettet af Vadim Fedulov

3210 Vejby

Oprettet: 08-10-2020

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