Drilling walls and ceilings and installing lights


We need help mostly for drilling and then installing some items on a few walls and ceilings. More specifically, we need two lights installed on ceilings (over dinner table in the kitchen and bed in the bedroom), two lights installed on walls (entrance and storage room), and then one curtain (over the big window on the picture), a plant shelf (next to the curtain), and one hat shelf (in the storage room) installed on walls. So the work is mostly drilling against concrete walls and making some standard electrical connections.


Preferably before 24/10. If not possible, any other day after that is OK.


2860 Søborg


Gustavo Avelar Molina, Storkøbenhavn, Handyman

Oprettet af Gustavo Avelar Molina

2860 Søborg

Oprettet: 18-10-2020

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