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Survey and installation of 4 Menu screens in a resturant

We are a tech resourcing company working on different installation projects around the world. Currently we have some 10 sites in a project around Denmark. We need technicians to install digital menu screens in restaurants. There are two phases for the work. 1- Site survey One technician would be needed to do this site survey before the install. Technician is required to carry a smartphone/laptop with internet access , measuring tape and a pen and notebook for this task. This phase takes maximum two hours. 2- Installation Second phase need two technicians equipped with tools and ladders(mentioned in the installation guide). The technician will mount 4 screens to the bulkhead or ceiling. They will run the cabling for the media players and connect the media players to the screens. Activate the screens using internet. Installation phase takes 8-10 hours. All the installation equipment is delivered to the site. Payments: Survey: 100$ Install: 600$ Travel can be agreed separately if required, but the travel is covered only in terms of mileage and no travel time is paid, therefore provided only to the teams at reasonable distances. Payment are made on invoices sent to payables@itarmi.com and are processed within 30days of arrival of invoice. I have a site available in Nytorv Denmark Address will be provided after the technician is accepted and job is assigned. The given address in the form is company's address , not the site address. This is my contact detail in case of queries +358452084480 f.khan@itarmi.com www.itarmi.com

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