Sewage backed up: at Vejby Fritidshjem


We noticed that the toilet is not flushing well, especially the toilet paper. I open the first small access riser to the septic tank, it is filled up with toilet paper and sewage. I had to scoop it all out because it was not draining, now it’s beginning to fill up again. When I open The larger access riser, the septic tank looks full and does not seem to be draining as well, but I don’t know what it supposed to look like so I attach pictures into all access risers. The third lid seems to have a water pump submerged into it on a rope and is plugged in, but I did not hear it work so maybe it is broken? If you know how to find the issue and why it’s not draining, although commune vvvs came to empty the septic tank a few months ago, let me know and we can discuss what can be done to resolve it. Thank you very much for your help, we would greatly appreciate it! Best Regards, Vadim


We are there on weekends but the septic tank is outside so it can be arranged for any time but I hope soon so I won’t have to scoop out the sewage again when it fills up :)


3210 Vejby


Vadim Fedulov, Nordsjælland, VVS

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3210 Vejby

Oprettet: 08-10-2020

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