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Jeg skal have skiftet 40 meter zink tagrende og 4 nedløbsrør Det er en str 11 Vil bruge de rendejern der er der.


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4532 Gislinge

Oprettet: 23-03-2020

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Hus / Handyman
Ikea furniture collection and assembly in Hellerup: 4x Small items

I am moving into a small loft apartment near Hellerup station and I would like to collect and assemble the following items from IKEA: 1. Small dining table: 2. TV Stand 3. 2 x Bedside Tables The assembly instructions seem fairly straightforward, but IKEA's manuals call for two people to do the work, so I would really appreciate somebody with experience (I am happy to assist with holding things straight or upright etc) I would be grateful if you could let me know your availability and provide me with a quote for: 1. The collection of the items from Ikea (I think Gentofte is probably closest) 2. The assembly of the items. Of course - if you do not offer collection services, I can also order the items for home delivery if that’s more convenient. If you are able to help with collecting the items, then may I also add 2 small Billy bookcases to your vehicle, just for transportation, not for assembly? (since I can handle them by myself :) ) Please let me know if you have any questions; you can email me or call me at 28 78 48 93. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a lovely day Kindest Regards Marina